For over 50 years , Pryda has been essential to the New Zealand building industry, working to provide solutions with its high-quality prefabricated timber frame and truss products. Pryda also develops a number of structural brackets and timber connectors. You will find Pryda products being used today by world-class engineers and architects and stocked on the shelves of your most trusted hardware retailers.

If you are a building professional who wants to know more about Pryda’s offering of products or who wants to talk to Pryda’s engineering team, then this portion of the site is for you. Here, you can access a variety of our product specialists and support team members.

You can contact our Pryda engineers directly by phoning our engineering division. You can also access them by selecting the technical support option on the site menu. If you would like to contact one of our Pryda fabricators, you can do so by clicking the Truss and Frame Manufacturer link on this page.

Pryda Building Guide