Industry Compliance is Priority

Pryda has numerous industry partnerships and representation on various regulatory related boards and committees.  This is to guarantee the safety of building products in New Zealand.  One key organisation  is the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) who’s membership  work on   protocols for both consenting and on-site compliance of  building materials, to meet all regulatory requirements and satisfy  the New Zealand Building Code .

By using non-compliant products, structural integrity is jeopardised and extensive, costly rectifications have to be made.

The areas that concern industry experts the most include tie down connectors, structural grade timber, steel framing, roofing, reinforcement, glazed doors and balustrading. It should be noted, however, that these are not the only areas of concern.

Pryda has focused primarily on providing industry compliant bracing and structural connectors, as well as ensuring other building companies meet industry regulations .

Our manufacturing and Quality Assurance system means that  connectors and bracing products that are out there in people’s homes and on hardware store shelves are of acceptable quality and fit for purpose. Beyond simply meeting compliance tests, they are also supported by test data and technical design assistance – the same can not be said for many cheaper imported product alternatives.

We also run specific training and education courses for building surveyors, designers and builders to educate them on regulatory code and identification of products that are not compliant out there in the marketplace.

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14 Aug 2012

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