Ezi Stud Ties are a quick, neat and effective connector between studs and wall plates


Pryda Ezi Stud Ties greatly improve the jointing of top and bottom plates to studs compared to the common nail fixing.


  • Greater tie-down strength: Stud Tie nails are driven into the side grain of the stud to resist wind uplift in lateral shear. This is far stronger than relying on the withdrawal strength of common nails in end grain.
  • No splitting of the timber: With Stud Ties, the careful location of the nails away from timber ends and edges avoids splitting which can occur in common nails only joints, especially in some timbers and particularly with skew nailing. This is not only unsightly, but it reduces the strength of the joint substantially.
  • Convenience: Ezi Stud Ties have in-built nails, there is no need for other nails. They are quick and easy to apply; the in-built nails are readily driven home with a conventional hammer.
  • The Ezi Stud Tie is also designed for both factory and site installation.


The Pryda Ezi Stud Tie is an alternative solution to the fixing type B in Table 8.18 in NZ3604:2011. The Pryda Ezi Stud Tie exceeds the required capacity without relying on the additional 0.7kN contribution of the 2/90×3.15 nails, top plate to stud.

Pryda Ezi Stud Tie

Product CodeSize
SST185 x 65 x 30mm