Nail-On diagonal cleats are hammer fixed, easy to use nailplates for many applications


NPD is commonly used for beam to beam connections whilst NPD150/63 is commonly used for subfloor connections and forms part of the pile bearer kit.


  • Versatile fixing that allows flexibility when working with different timber sizes


  • Use Pryda Product Nails (35mm x 3.15mm galvanised
  • Use 75 x 3.15 diameter Flat Head nails when nailing into poles (e.g. girt to pole fixing)
  • 20 Nails required in each flange to achieve stated design loads (Beam to Beam Connection).

Nail-on Diagonal Cleat (Suitable for beam to beam connections)

Product CodeSize
NPD190 x 100mm

Nail-on Diagonal Cleats (Suitable for subfloor fixing)

Product CodeSize
NPD150/63/S (Stainless Steel)150 x 50mm