For bolting timber to existing concrete, masonry or steel.


Pryda Post Anchors are designed to connect timber to masonry, concrete or steel. 


Pryda Post Anchors are fabricated from high-grade flat bar steel and are all available in hot-dipped galvanised finish. Some Post Anchors are also available in stainless steel for use in certain exposed or sheltered situations as required in Ch4: Table 4.2 of NZS3604:2011. The zinc coating is applied in accordance with AS/NZS 4690:1999. A thickness that exceeds 600gm/m2 is achieved. 


The Pryda Post Anchors should be installed without damage to the finished surfaces. Storage of Pryda Post Anchors prior to use should be in dry moisture-free conditions that would not affect the durability of the product. Please contact Pryda should you require assistance for your intended application.

For installation instructions for post anchors, please refer to the Pryda Builders Guide.

Post Anchors – Full Stirrup

Product CodeSize
SBK15Refer to Catalogue
SBK15/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK16Refer to Catalogue
SBK16/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue

Post Anchors – Bolt Down

Product CodeSize
SBK17Refer to Catalogue
SBK17/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK18Refer to Catalogue
SBK18/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue

Post Anchors – Fish Tail

Product CodeSize
SBK3Refer to Catalogue
SBK3HRefer to Catalogue
SBK3H/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK4Refer to Catalogue
SBK4/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK5Refer to Catalogue
SBK5/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK6Refer to Catalogue
SBK6/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK8Refer to Catalogue
SBK8/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue
SBK9Refer to Catalogue
SBK9/S (Stainless Steel)Refer to Catalogue