Reinforces a top plate containing penetrations for services or ventilation pipes


The Pryda Frame Fix (PFF) has been designed to allow a service hole of no greater than 60mm to be drilled through a top plate (including top plate packer if used) or wall stud to allow services such as air conditioning or central vacuum pipes to be passed through the member. The fitting of a PFF re-instates the integrity of the penetrated top plate or stud. Can also be used as a top plate stiffener.


SIMPLE: Quick and easy to install. Leaves clean faces to outside edges of the timber frames.
FAST: Fixing is by fast drilling Type17 hex head screws. Allows an easy solution to fix penetrations in frames made by other trades.
DURABLE: Made from reliable 1.6mm G300 Z275 Steel.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Frame Fix Data Sheet.

Pryda Frame Fix

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
PFF240 x 88 x 35mm. Max hole diameter 60mm 10