Plate designed to re-instate the integrity of a penetrated top plate or stud


The Pryda Frame Fix (PFF) has been designed to allow a service hole of no greater than 60mm to be drilled through a top plate (including top plate packer if used) or wall stud to allow services such as air conditioning or central vacuum pipes to be passed through the member. The fitting of a PFF re-instates the integrity of the penetrated top plate or stud. Can also be used as a top plate stiffener.


  • Unique design provides greater top plate uplift resistance capacity
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Leaves clean faces to outside edges of the timber frames.
  • Fixing is by Type17 hex head screws. All holes shall be filled
  • Comes in one size, designed for use with 90x45mm and 140x45mm timber only
  • Allows an easy solution to fix penetrations in frames made by other trades
  • Timber grade can be SG8 or better
  •  Easily specified by using the Pryda Code PFF


The 60mm service hole can be made in any position along the stud or top plate provided that the hole edge is no closer than 45mm from a stud or nog/dwang. The 60mm hole shall be centred across the top plate or stud to accommodate the pre-punched PFF.

The PFF shall be fitted to the inside of the frame leaving clean faces to both outside edges of the timber. When being used as a top plate stiffener with top plate packer then Type17 14g x 75mm hex head screws shall be used. With stud or single top plate applications then Type17 12g x 35mm hex head screws shall be used.

Pryda Frame Fix

Product CodeColour
PFF240 x 86 x 35mm