Purlin Cleats are metal brackets suitable for a number of applications.


Pryda Purlin Cleats provide strong rigid connection for trusses, rafters and beams to wall plates, and wall plates to studs.


  • Especially suitable for concealed applications.
  • The supporting wall plates must have a minimum width of 90mm.
  • Also available in a Truss to Top Plate Connector kit to simplify installation & fasteners required


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Builders Guide

Pryda Purlin Cleat

Product CodeSize
NPPC485 x 30 x 40mm
NPPC685 x 30 x 60mm
NPPC885 x 30 x 80mm

Truss to Top Plate Connector Kits

Product CodeSize
TTP9KNNPPC4 + Fasteners
TTP16KNNPPC8 + Fasteners