Strap Nails are a claw toothed steel plate for speedy connection of timber


  • Designed for fast construction jointing of timber frames using a hammer
  • Suitable for all timbers as the sharp, twisted form of Claw nails penetrates into timber ranging from the lightest softwoods to the densest hardwoods
  • Time-saving and therefore, cost-saving.


Pryda Strap Nails, are a pre-punched nailplate which offers a quick, simple, economical and easy to use method of jointing timber plates normally jointed by more time consuming methods. Pryda Strap Nail uses the sharper tooth profile featuring the exclusive pre-punched twisted nail. This results in increased holding power due to better penetration of all timber types.


Simply position Strap Nail over joint and hammer into place. NOTE: When used in subfloor applications additional corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanising is required to comply with the durability provision of the N.Z. Building Code. Table 4.1 NZS3604:2011.

Pryda Strap Nails

Product CodeSize
MPSN225 x 100mm
SN2525 x 100mm
MPSN5050 x 100mm
SN5050 x 100mm
SN50L50 x 150mm