The Pryda Engineers regularly conduct presentations on topical issues relevant to truss and frame design, construction and installation. As a member of the design and construction community you will find the presentations of great benefit as you will remain informed on the emerging trends, statutory requirements and clever design tips associated with timber truss and frame.

The initial presentation directory includes information on wind speed calculations, stability bracing, advantages of timber trusses over steel beams and managing truss and frames within a commercial job. South Australians will be particularly interested in presentations on the benefits of valley trusses and what supervisors need to look for under the new regulatory regime.

The technical presentation directory will continue to be updated by the Pryda Engineers, so continue to return to the Pryda website to learn more about all things truss and frame.

For technical queries our team of Pryda Engineers can be contacted by calling 1800 810 741 or by logging your query at

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17 Oct 2010

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Equaliser Pressing System

17 Oct 2010

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Alpine Speed Roll

17 Oct 2010

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