If you want your plant to run smoothly, with as little downtime as possible, then our Equipment Service team can help you out. The team will quickly respond to breakdowns, perform regular maintenance, install new equipment and move whole truss plants, if needed. We can provide any service you need to keep your operations moving efficiently.

Our team is dedicated to enabling greater effectiveness and productivity among Pryda fabricators. We find the best way to do this is to offer an immediate response when there is a problem. We have skilled technicians out in the field who offer constant support where needed. They are backed up by extensive support from our head office. There is no equipment problem that is too difficult for our team to tackle or too small that we won’t find it important. If you need any advice on repair or refurbishment, our technician is also able to provide that service. We also work toward helping customers create effective training programs for new users on a variety of equipment.

One of our most recent new initiatives is the Preventative Maintenance Program.  This program is meant to assist Pryda fabricators who would like to implement a system of scheduled maintenance. This removes the difficulties associated with procuring spare parts and provides long term benefits toward reducing production loss. If you would like more information about our preventative maintenance plan, just contact a Pryda customer service expert.

Please use our primary contact number to request any service you require.