Pryda supplies Paslode & Duo-Fast pneumatic tools to the truss and frame manufacturers. The tools perform many functions within the truss plant including:

  • Duo-Fast stapler or Paslode corrugated fastener to fire staples or fasteners into the trusses before nailplate pressing.
  • Paslode Powermaster stick nailer for wall frame construction and truss lamination. For truss plants with wall framing machinery, Pryda offers an installation service to mount the PowerMaster tools onto the equipment.
  • Duo-Fast coil nailer to fix the stud ties to the wall frame.Pryda recommends that only genuine Paslode or Duo-Fast fasteners are fired from the tools.Click on the link to view the matrix of which Paslode fasteners can be used to fix Pryda timber connectors in timber framing applications. If your truss and frame business is interested in experiencing the quality of the Paslode and Duo-Fast pneumatic tools and fasteners, please contact Pryda on 1800 810 741 to learn how you can easily adopt the tools into your manufacturing processes.



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