Timber Jointing

Our timber jointing technology is designed to meet individual client specifications. Through world class performances and customisation, this technology and equipment is able to increase your output while reducing your overhead.

Our system gives you the power to take timber types that are often hard to sell and shape them into more usable lengths and sizes, meeting the standards of the building industry.

Pryda offers equipment that is designed with exceptional productivity and efficiency in mind, giving builders and engineers incredible flexibility in design.

We provide a marketing and support bundle called the Musclebeam Marketing Package. This is only offered to clients with Musclebeam licenses, and we combine this package with a certification program that helps builders maintain high standards.

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HIgh Speed Timba Jointa

17 Oct 2010

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Claw Jointa

17 Oct 2010

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Equaliser Pressing System

17 Oct 2010

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65 Tonne HD Butt

17 Oct 2010

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