Pryda New Zealand is comitted to assisting our Licensed Fabricators to manufacture the highest quality frames and trusses through a robust in-plant quality assurance scheme. Pryda in conjunction with our Licensed Fabricators have introduced a Quality Control Criteria Program for nail plated timber trusses believing that a collaborative approach between both parties is fundamental to the program’s success.

Pryda conducts regular random audits of our Licensed Fabricator plants / factories basing our audit on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Truss manufacturing tolerances
  • Truss identification
  • Timber treatment, grade and size
  • Nailplate application and positioning
  • Timber joint tolerances

At the completion of the audit Pryda undertakes a review with the Fabricator. If any non-complince issues are identified these are highlighted with the Fabricator and solutions discussed or initiatives introduced to correct the issue. Pryda will revisit the plant / factory within an agreed period to confirm  and ensure that any non-compliance issue or issues have been addressed by the Fabricator.

Pryda New Zealand reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the Pryda Fabricator License if there is consistent failure to meet the minimum required quality of manufacture.