Pryda maintains the only software that can detail the entire house at once, and that is just one of our technical advantages that keep us on the cutting edge of the industry. Our software tools give fabricators the resources they require to oversee extensive jobs from start to finish and maintain productivity, efficiency and quality for the entire process.

Our software is fully developed right here in Australia and New Zealand, and it is designed to meet all Australasian requirements for building specifications. At the same time, we are always looking toward the future and what the industry needs to move forward. We partner with ITW development teams as we improve our own software’s functionality and stay competitive within the industry.

The entire Pryda Build software program is reinforced through training, classrooms, online seminars and extensive helpful documents. If you require one-on-one assistance, our support team is available by phone or through internet chat. You never have to be without the help you need when you choose the Pryda Build software program.