The recent release of the newest version of Pryda Build, Version 4, is exciting for the company. Whole of house software that has already been proven in the industry is now leading the way for new innovation. It includes all the expected features and functionality that is part of Pryda Build’s legacy. That includes an interactive 3-D model, user-friendly truss design tools and detailed layout modules. New features like critical load paths, component design and roof load areas are propelling this new versions of the software to the next level.

Our company is offering demonstrations at truss plants around the country, with presentations that are personalised for each plant. Contact us today to see how or newest software is able to push your company forward.

pryda buildv4

The Next Step for Whole of House Software

Our own product manager for Estimating and detailing System, Greg Hay, says that with Pryda Build, there is no need to keep training roof floor and wall detailers. Every one of the detailers is able to focus solely on their field of expertise.

With our new software, every detailer is able to look at the changes made by other detailers as they happen. They can reference changes like a new beam being inserted by the floor detailer and fit that into their own plans.

Load Areas with Version 4

The software testing team working on version 4 of Pryda Build has been combing over the new features, particularly the detailing and estimation software.

Probably, one of the most impressive new features is the way the roof load area function operates. It can estimate how loads will affect an entire group of trusses at the same time, which is far more efficient than having to insert each point load one at a time.