Production Management in Pryda Build

Within Pryda Build’s software is a production management tool that enables our fabricators to oversee jobs, all the way from the first order to product delivery. You are able to decide which of the available modules will be most applicable for your business. One example of the modules on the software is the scheduling module. You can use it to slot in work times, set up future job requirements, plan out your order of events, set capacity for each day and update changes on the fly. The calendar feature of this module allows you to take jobs and simply drop them in where they need to go on the calendar. All the modules in this software program are designed to be accessible and to improve efficiency.

Using the cutting module, supervisors are able to sort timber quickly and easily by batch cutting. This saves time out on the floor. Another time saver is the Production Viewer module. It cuts down on the amount of time that workers will need to spend preparing, printing and separating documents. At the same time, production staff members can all have their jobs delivered directly to their work areas in the right sequence. Those same workers will be able to reference the dimensions of the products while at their workstations, creating fewer interruptions for managers and detailers.

Every module on the Pryda Build Production Suite is able to store data as you work, helping you to determine what your costs are and finding new ways to increase efficiency.

Pryda Build Production Suite


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