Pryda: an integral part of the building industry in New Zealand for over 50 years

About Pryda New Zealand

Pryda have been at the forefront of the construction industry in New Zealand for over 50 years. Our speciality being timber prefabrication and traditional truss and frame supported by a huge diversity of timber connectors and structural brackets. Our brand is trusted across New Zealand by architects, designers and engineers alike. They depend on us to provide them with quality materials and product support that can meet a variety of structural needs.

We use the very best technology available in order to ensure we are helping our customers build the best prefabrication plants. The software and the production systems that we utilise are fully integrated and are backed with world-class technical assistance.

Our approach to helping customers achieve their goals is to start by determining what the true problem is, then figuring out how best we can solve that problem for them. In this way, we assess the customer’s entire business needs and present them with solutions that are both cost effective and at or above their expectations. We do more than solve immediate problems. We are creating long-term solutions that will serve our customers for years to come.

The products supplied by Pryda are made primarily in our Napier factory, and that same location serves as our headquarters for distribution and primary warehousing. Even our customer service department is based out of the same facility. Our head office is located in Auckland, which also houses our marketing and sales departments, as well as all the technical support we provide for our customers, and the engineering and accounts teams.

Our parent company, Illinois Tool Works Inc. are based in the US and have been in the industry for over 100 years. Through our affiliations with them and other truss connector distributors and ITW software suppliers, we are able to leverage excellent gobal resources. These resources provide us with fabrication machinery,products and solutions for our customers


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Why Choose Pryda?


50 years experience in our respective field


A leading and trusted brand across New Zealand


Second to none quality assurance for our clientele


World class technology practises that continue to grow

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