Smarter engineering solutions 

Pryda is focused on delivering smarter compliant solutions to the timber construction industry. Our aim is to deliver differentiated solutions to help you get the job done efficiently.

We work with engineers and relevant stakeholder groups to support the uptake of timber construction solutions.

Pryda supports our Frame and Truss partners across any timber build-types including multi-residential, mid-rise and commercial jobs.

Pryda’s team of engineers provide a critical service to the truss and frame industry. This includes:

  • Rectification Designs: Assist truss plants resolve on site issues with the builder.
  • Site Inspection: Resolve site problems or to certify installation of roof/floor trusses.
  • Feasibility Designs: To ensure timber roof/ floor trusses are suitable for the job.
  • Design Certifications: Provide certification as required by the project engineer, typically for commercial jobs.
  • Training (Engineering): Supporting the understanding for truss and frame specification and design to architects, engineers and designers wanting to build with timber.
  • General Design/Product Advice: To truss and frame plants, builders, engineers, designers and the general handyman.