Better by Design. Safer, Faster, Smarter, Easier. 

This is the commitment we make to our Pryda Frame and Truss Fabricators. Pryda is committed to improving the productivity and profitability of our customers. How? Everything we do, the improvements we make, the solutions we are offering are by design, and as a result lifts the safety, speed, and ease of traditional build methods, which are unique to Pryda. 


Keep our people, our customers and their customers safe


Live and breathe productivity, efficiency and simplicity


Challenge the status quo and identify new ways to solve common challenges


Make good people great

Why Pryda? 

  • Safety is the focus from the start of any of our initiatives. From the safety-focused new Hip End Roller to solutions keeping your builder safer onsite with SpeedTrussTM, this focus provides Pryda partners with an extra set of hands to keep your team, and your customers safer on the job. 
  • We are lifting the bar on productivity.  There are some exciting software developments soon to be released in the market, so watch this space.  
  • Our point of difference solutions are all unique to Pryda, via exclusive distribution agreements or patent protection.  
  • Times are changing and quickly, and so is your workforce, and that of your customers. Making the process easier to design, manufacture, and install onsite is at the core of all the work we are doing. 
Pryda Fabricators

Time for a change?

Our team would be happy to talk to you about our current offers and discuss how our unique solutions could add value to your business.


Hip End Roller

The Hip End Roller’s leading edge safety system ensures optimum care for your staff whilst producing trusses in the fastest way. Watch the video below to see how this system can benefit your business.

Industry Groups

Pryda is proud to be associated with these industry groups, and we are focusing on growing the market for Frame and Truss, and Timber Construction.


New starter setup

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