Pryda Fastfix

Introducing the new stick built framing screws to the Pryda FastFix™ family that provide a safer, stronger, faster solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames.

The stick built framing screw comes in two sizes 135mm & 175mm to suit stick built frames.


Pryda Stick Building Framing Screw range is ideally suited for stick build construction to provide a secure Stud to Wall Plate connection. 


FASTER = Uniquely designed screw tip gives a rapid start, and the coarse thread significantly reduces driving time.
SMARTER DESIGN = Head and thread design offers superior hold-down strength and high resistance to withdrawal.
EASIER = No special tools required, a standard 5mm hex drive and an impact driver is all that’s required.
GREATER CAPACITY = Increased thread length for greater capacity than most flat metal stud ties.
PROVEN ENGINEERING = Pryda FastFix™ Screws have been laboratory tested for Stud to Wall Plate connections.
QUALITY AND FINISH = Provides better quality outcomes in the build process especially the installation of plasterboard.
PRONOUNCED KNURL = Reduces the chance of splitting by enlarging the hole slightly and preventing the unthreaded part of the shank from binding with the timber.


Stud to Wall Plate Screws for Stick Built Frames Design

Product Specifications

Product CodesWM8135PS and WM8175PS
Identification Tag CodeTAG – 135 & TAG – 175
Screw SizeM8 x 135mm or 175mm
Drive Type5mm Hex Drive
*Identification Tags sold separately

Pryda Stick Built Framing Assembly

Pryda Stick Built Framing Assembly