Pryda Fastfix

Yes, there is an easier way using Pryda FastFix

Pryda FastFix™ is the home of an innovative range of screws making traditional, labour intensive connections a thing of the past.  

Screws in the FastFix range have core elements to their DNA:

  • Speed of install is a given with smart screw tips giving a rapid start and reduced splitting, and a coarse thread  significantly decreases driving 
  • Laboratory tested to provide confidence in the connection capability 
  • Partnering with Buildex, the latest thinking around screw design is always incorporated.

FastFix Pryda Screw 

Versatile is the best way to describe the FastFix™ Pryda Screw. Available in 3 sizes, the range is used as a Stud to Wall Plate Connection, and the game changing Pryda SpeedTruss™ truss installation system.  

01 Pryda Screws


  • Unique rapid start tip with a coarse thread, significantly decreasing drive time and reducing splitting 
  • Pronounced knurl that lessens any splitting of the ends of wall plates 
  • Standard 5mm hex drive which is readily available throughout Australia and New Zealand 
  • A deeper drive recess to improve driver life span 


  • Pryda Screws have been laboratory tested offering compliance confidence 
  • Use of the Pryda Screw with Pryda Design Software provides a Certified Design 
  • Increased thread length to give greater capacity 


  • All screws are head stamped to ensure quality and instant identification 
  • Every application certified by “first principles” structural design software 

The FastFix range is available exclusively from Pryda Frame and Truss manufacturers.