Strong and rigid connection frequently used to connect trusses/rafters to beams and wall plates


Pryda Purlin Cleats provide strong rigid connection for trusses, rafters and beams to wall plates, and wall plates to studs.


SIMPLE: Can also be used to connect wall plates to studs.
FAST: Can be fixed with nails or Screws.
DURABLE: Made from G300 Z275 steel or Stainless Steel 304.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Concealed Purlin Cleat Data Sheet.

Pryda Purlin Cleat

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
NPPC480 x 30 x 40mm50
NPPC685 x 30 x 60mm35
NPPC885 x 30 x 80mm25
NPPC4/S80 x 30 x 40mm50
NPPC6/S85 x 30 x 60mm35
NPPC8/S85 x 30 x 80mm25