A robust bracket fixing timber girts to poles


The Pryda Pole to Girt bracket provides a robust means of fixing timber girts to poles in Pole & Rafter buildings.


SIMPLE: Butterfly shape design to accommodate connection for both flat and round timber members.
FAST: No checking of timber required when attaching a girt to either a flat or round pole.
DURABLE: The bracket is a one-piece anchor that can be used on either side and galvanised to Z275.For greater protection, Grade 304 Stainless is available.


For application and design information, refer to the Pole to Girt Bracket data sheet. 

Pole to Girt Bracket

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
NPP2G50 x 50 x 110mm10
NPP2G/S (Stainless Steel)50 x 50 x 110mm1