Supporting the fire relief efforts

In our December edition of Better by Design, we shared that Pryda was donating to the Bushfire relief efforts.

When making the donation, the devastation that was to come across the Christmas/New Year period was beyond imagination. As our teams across ITW came back to work in January, there was unanimous feedback that more needed to be done. Based on our employee feedback, a desire to maximise community impact, get relief as close to those impacted people/communities as possible and provide interim as well as more sustainable longer-term support, ITW is going to support in three 3 ways.

1. Financial support: In addition to the $20,000 Pryda donated before Christmas, ITW will donate a further $130,000 to the following charities supporting affected individuals, and animal wildlife relief and recover.

  • BlazeAid
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Gippsland Emergency Fund Relief
  • Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
  • Wildlife Victoria

2. Product support: ITW will support BlazeAid and Container of Dreams supporting the rebuild of property and farms with product from our range of brands.

3. Community support: ITW is going to provide opportunities for staff to be involved in volunteering for bushfire community recovery support. This will include 3 days paid Community Support leave per person. As a business we will seek out ongoing opportunities to invest into impacted regional areas e.g. including holding meetings and utilising relevant services and buying products where we can.