Nail-on plates are a versatile high-strength timber connector


  • Joining trusses on-site that have been made in parts in the factory
  • Fixing trusses to poles
  • Any heavy duty timber connection where a Knuckle nailplate will not suffice
  • Joining beams
  • Repair work over existing fixings


Pryda Nail-on Plates are flat, galvanised or stainless steel plates which are nail-fixed to timber to form various types of joints. Their medium to high load capacities and wide range of sizes makes them ideally suited for on-site work


  1. Place Nail-On Plate equally over joint. Normally used in pairs.
  2. Use 35 x 3.15mm Pryda Product nails. Fill all nail holes.

Pryda Nail-on Plates 1.0mm

Product CodeSize
NPA75/12575 x 125mm
NPA75/19075 x 190mm
NPA75/25075 x 250mm
NPA75/31575 x 315mm
NPA75/38075 x 380mm
NPA100/190100 x 190mm
NPA150/315150 x 315mm
NPA100/190SS100 x 190mm

Pryda Nail-on Bars 1.0mm

Product CodeSize
NPA75BAR/S (Stainless Steel)75 x 1260mm
NPA100BAR/S (Stainless Steel)100 x 1260mm
NPA150BAR/S (Stainless Steel)150 x 1260mm

Pryda Nail-on Bars 2.0mm

Product CodeSize
NPB75 BAR75 x 1260mm
NPB100 BAR100 x 1260mm
NPB150 BAR150 x 1260mm