Hammer fixed and easy to use connector for multiple applications


Pryda Knuckle Nailplates are galvanised steel connectors with in-built, bent-up “knuckle” nails. These plates are ideal for many structural and non-structural timber jointing and timber protection uses.

Among the many uses, the most common are jointing of wall frames together on-site, on-site splicing of timber beams, reinforcement of corners of boxes and bins, and reinforcement of bolted joints (eg Cable Truss).


SIMPLE: Can be installed without any special gear or nails, only a hammer is required for install
FAST: Hammer the knuckles and you are done. Multiple Applications from timber jointing, splicing, reinforcement, and impact resistance.
DURABLE: 1mm thick, Z275 galvanised steel.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Knuckle Nailplate Data Sheet.

Pryda Knuckle Nailplates

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
MP2R433 x 63mm200
MP2R538 x 63mm200
MP4R538 x 127mm100
MP4R1076 x 127mm66
MP4R16134 x 127mm50
MP6R538 x 190mm50
MP6R1076 x 190mm33
MP6R16134 x 190mm26
MP8R538 x 254mm20
MP8R1076 x 254mm33
MP10R1076 x 317mm22

Pryda Knuckle Nailplates Coils

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
NCR1076mm x 12.7m12.7m coil
NCR16134mm x 8.45m8.45m coil