Universal ties for joining timber at right angles


NPD is commonly used for beam to beam connections whilst NPD150/63 is commonly used for subfloor connections and forms part of the pile bearer kit.


SIMPLE: Easy to use for right-angle connections.
FAST: Nail fix using on-site hammer.
VERSATILE: Made from Stainless Steel Grade 304.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Nail-on Diagonal Cleat data sheet.

Nail-on Diagonal Cleat (Suitable for beam to beam connections)

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
NPD100 x 37 x 37mm20

Nail-on Cleats (Suitable for subfloor fixing)

Product CodeSizePack Quantity
NPD150/63/S LH & RH (Stainless Steel)150 x 50mm20