Versatile and cost-effective bracing product for roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors


Pryda Strap Brace is suitable for bracing walls and truss/rafter roof construction (spans up to 12m) in residential buildings. Use Pryda Maxi Strap for larger spans and commercial and industrial buildings.

Pryda Tensioners provide a fast, reliable and simple method of tensioning long lengths of bracing strap.


SIMPLE: Can be cut to match any size or application, meaning you can do more, with less. Slim profile means studs do not need to be notched, saving time and cost.
FAST: Tensioner can be used with a drill to speed up tensioning. Unlike Speed or Angle Brace, can be partially fastened but not tensioned allowing for plumb adjustment of wall frames prior to tensioning.
DURABLE: Made from G550 Z275 Steel or Grade 304 Stainless steel.


For installation instructions for Wall, Roof and Floor Bracing, please refer to the Strap Brace Data Sheet.

Pryda Strap Brace

Product Code Size Pack Quantity
SB10 25 x 0.8mm x 10m10m Coil
SB3025 x 0.8mm x 30m30m Coil
SB30T25 x 0.8mm x 30m with 5 Tensioners30m Coil
SB15/S (Stainless Steel)25 x 0.8mm x 15m30m Coil

Pryda Maxi Strap

Product Code Size Pack Quantity
SBI            50 x 0.8mm x 30m30m Coil
SBI/15  50 x 0.8mm x 15m15m Coil
SBI/S (Stainless Steel)    50 x 0.8mm x 30m30m Coil

Pryda Tensioners (for Strap Brace)

Product Code Size Pack Quantity
SBT            25mm40
SBI/T  50mm1
SBT/SS (Stainless Steel)25mm1
SBI/TS (Stainless Steel)25mm1