Designed to satisfy gypsum wall board and plywood bracing systems


The Pryda Bracing Anchor (PBA) is designed to be used in conjunction with gypsum wallboard manufacturers bracing systems, references or literature. The Pryda Bracing Anchor can satisfy the hold down requirements and is a substitute for the pre-fitted double strap.


  • Ease and speed of installation
  • No checking of timber to ensure flush fitting of board
  • The PBA is a one piece anchor for either side of stud
  • Slotted hold on bottom of bracket provides some flexibility in bolt and bracket position Installed prior to fixing of gypsum wallboard
  • Easy inspection


Installation of Pryda Bracing anchor is quick and easy, for detailed installation instructions please refer to the Pryda Builders Guide

Product CodeSize
PBA88/85 x 50 x 5mm