Pryda product compliant fasteners


Pryda fasteners must be used to ensure adherence to Pryda published design capacities and compliance for all Pryda products and applications.


Pryda product nails are longer, thicker and stronger than galvanised clouts. They feature a tapered head and one-piece construction for greater strength.

Pryda product screws off a Type 17 point for faster installation, one-handed operation for less fatigue and greater safety. They are compatible with impact drivers.


For installation instructions for Product Nails and Screws, please refer to the Pryda Builders Guide.

Pryda Product Nails

Product CodeSize
OSNGB35 x 3.15mm
OSNBCI/SS (Stainless Steel)35 x 3.15mm

Pryda Screws

Product CodeSize
HH1235G12g x 35mm Hex head T17
HH1235SS (Stainless Steel)12g x 35mm Hex head T17
HH1475S14g x 75mm Hex head T17

FastFix™ Stud to Wall Plate Screw

Product CodeSize
WM8135PS M8 x 135mm with 5mm Hex Drive
WM8175PSM8 x 175mm with 5mm Hex Drive