Framing brackets are strong and easy to install brackets for beam to beam connections.


Pryda Framing Brackets are suitable for fixing joist to joist, joist to beam, truss to truss, rafter to purlin, and hangers to joists.


  • Cost effective, eliminating the need for costly on-site skilled labour to make special housing for joints etc.
  • Easily fixed into position with Pryda Timber Connector Nails, or self-drilling screws.
  • These hangers have wide flanges for ease of nailing and screwing.
  • The Pryda range of brackets provides for most common timber: sizes, glued laminated beams, I-joists and trusses.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Builders Guide.

Framing Brackets

Product CodeSizeSuitable for Timber
MPFB4590*45 x 76mm45 x 90 – 150mm
MPFB45120*45 x 110mm45 x 120 – 200mm
MPFB45180*45 x 176mm45 x 190 – 300m
MPFB527452 x 74mm52 x 90 – 150mm
MPFB52124*52 x 124mm52 x 120 – 200mm
MPFB5217452 x 174mm52 x 190 – 300mm
FB94152*94 x 152mm2/45 x 190 – 290mm
FB6517065 x 167mm65 x 190 – 290mm
FB7216372 x 163mm90 x 195 – 300mm

*Available in Stainless Steel