6kN or 12kN Capacity fixing for sheet-braced wall panels


Versatile fixing primarily used to fix sheet braced wall panels to timber floors and concrete slabs (via bottom plate).

Can also be used for:

  •  Other sheet braced wall connections
  • Joining rafters over walls/beams
  • Fixing lintels against uplift


Pryda sheet Brace straps meet NZS3604:2011 for a 6kN Capacity Strap for sheet-braced wall panels.

They can be bent, twisted and nailed as per the standard to achieve the values required on multiple design types.

Available in multiple pre-cut lengths with stainless steel equivalents for speed and ease of installation. Also available in a 30 metre coil that can be cut to length as required or for volume usage.


For installation instructions for Wall, Roof and Floor Bracing, please refer to the Pryda Builders Guide

Pryda Sheet Brace Straps

Product Code Size 
SBS30025 x 1.0 x 300mm
SBS40025 x 1.0 x 400mm
SBS60025 x 1.0 x 600mm
SBS300/S (Stainless Steel)25 x 1.0 x 300mm
SBS400/S (Stainless Steel)25 x 1.0 x 400mm
SBS600/S (Stainless Steel)25 x 1.0 x 600mm

Pryda Sheet Brace Coils

Product Code Size 
SBS30M25 x 1.0mm x 30m