Simple means of connecting two members at 90° that provides persistance to gravity and uplift loads


Pryda Framing Brackets are suitable for fixing joist to joist, joist to beam, truss to truss, rafter to purlin, and hangers to joists.


SIMPLE: Can be installed without needing to create special housings or high skill timber joints.
FAST: Can be fastened with Pryda TCS12-35/1K screws.
DURABLE: 1.0mm thick galvanised steel engineered to resist gravity loads and wind uplift loads as well as lateral rotation. Some products are also available in Stainless Steel 304.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Framing Brackets Data Sheet.

Framing Brackets

Product CodeSizePack QuantitySuitable application
MPFBK459046 x 77mm40Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFBK4512046 x 110mm30Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFBK4518046 x 176mm20Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFB527452 x 74mm45Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFB5212452 x 124mm45Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFB5217452 x 177mm30Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
FB6517065 x 167mm25Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
FB7216372 x 163mm25Pryda Floor Trusses
FB9415294 x 152mm25Pryda Floor Trusses
MPFBK4590/S (Stainless Steel)46 x 77mm10Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFBK45120/S (Stainless Steel)46 x 110mm10Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFBK45180/S (Stainless Steel)46 x 176mm10Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
MPFB52124/S (Stainless Steel)52 x 124mm10Solid Joist/Beam/Rafter
FB94152/S (Stainless Steel)94 x 152mm10Pryda Floor Trusses